Sexy lingerie for brides - how to dress be the hottest bride and have a wedding night to remember!

On his wedding day, for a bride is important to look flawless in front of the groom and his guests, but to succeed it must feel confident and comfortable both in the bride’s dress and, also, in the underwear worn under thereof. Her sexy underwear must be provocative, tremendous and catch her husband into the “love dance”.
That’s why the trends in bride’s sexy lingerie are for 2014, extremely sensual, provocative, full of charm and pleasantly when is touched.

5Lace sexy underwear represents the new 2014, which is a year of femininity and the delicacy, with pastel colors on feminine women silhouettes, that is why this hot underwear is crafted lace trend with the largest magnitude.

Oriented to dues piece made ​​of finest lace sites (sky blue, blush pink, cream, ivory or white matt) this kind of exotic lingerie will sure made bride to feel sexy and confident as possible during the wedding day and more, especially on wedding night.

The silk naughty underwear is one of the finest created using nicest materials quality lingerie. Not only that such material feels very pleasant on the skin, but also helps to shape a beautiful and feminine silhouette. If the bride wants to feel great on the big event, she has to opt for silk underwear which is chic, sexy and comfortable.

Especially for glamorous brides, the vintage style women’s sexy lingerie is the perfect solution, because is on trend and is very popular. No bride should be afraid to choose retro style lingerie such as corsets, high waist underwear and body sites. Chosen in the right manner this hot underwear (into light or pastel shades and slightly retro edge) will make the bride to feel the instant passion of desire.

One of the hottest choices of the bride who doesn’t like to respect any tradition, who wants to be trendy and respecting her self esteem is the red sexy underwear.

6In the recent years, brides have strayed increasingly more of traditional colors of the dress and underwear. In 2014, this trend has become stronger by suggesting red sexy underwear just for brides.

Being daring, sensual and defining as color of love, red will definitely make bride feel sexy and appealing in the one of the most important events that she will take part.

Even if the bride had a long wedding day and an exhausting dance evening and she’s feeling tired, shouldn’t forget about the wedding night. This is because it is very important to both of them and will stay in their memory. For everything to be perfect woman must take care of every detail and hot, naughty lingerie plays a very important role.

It’s more important that the bride’s lingerie to be as much as possible mysterious and hot to catch instantly the man.

No matter how conservative the bride is, in the wedding night (and in the following nights on the honey moon) she has to prolong ecstasy, to be sexy as much is possible. A satin gown (preferably white), showing enough to tease him, it will make the man to want more. Then she can choose different colors, one for each night. This will surely kept the man’s attention and both will have an unforgettable night!

For romantic brides is recommend it to wear a seductive lingerie, because the wedding night should be the most romantic night of couple’s life. Therefore, she has to opt for quality lingerie that will establish and maintain this state of mind. She can be seductive and sweet at the same time, in a pure white negligee. Or can choose a hot corset that can be worn under her wedding dress. Thus, in the wedding night she can ask for help and, when will give her wedding dress down, he will see what she worn and will be more than pleasantly surprised.

Even that might be over passed the white linen for brides are still trendy and fashionable.

If the bride will choose to wear it is recommend it to opt for a set of white or light cream sexy underwear for her wedding night. It can be accessorized with pearls and other details that will blend perfectly with the wedding dress.

It’s very important that wedding sexy lingerie to fits to women’s shapes.

Before buying sexy underwear each bride should make sure that feel and fits perfectly. If the bride knows her size and wants to buy from online stores, it has to require exactly her size.

7Once the package received, has to check to prove from the start if what was ordered is; if doesn’t fits, can be returned it within 48 hours and then can buy the right size.

For the nights of the honeymoon did not hesitate to dress in negligees of different colors like black, red, fuchsia or any other color she likes.

This year's fashion sexy underwear will make women look extremely hot. Trends are for pieces of lace, extremely fine, giving felinity to women’s body.

Also, the colors should not be forgotten. It bears bright red, green and black, which is always the color that took women out of the impasse.

For this fall, the big fashion designers wanted to emphasize the women’s sensuality and sex appeal with transparent held by looming provocative underwear.

Precious materials like lace and veil, leaving invaded with sexy lingerie pieces the catwalks sight. Of course, these are not kept for a day at the office or a walk in the park, but for an outing with your husband during the honeymoon in a club or a romantic dinner are perfect.

The bridal underwear designers have outdone themselves relying not only on tracks “en vogue”, but extremely hot. For wedding season is not only classy and sophisticated, but also extremely sexy.

They have focused on compelling, minimalist and very sensual pieces. Not missing any of port garter made from famous sites, smack or body shaping, highly molded.

For the delicate and playful brides is shrouded in the most precious silk and Chantilly lace. There are fully collections designed for both wedding night and for passionate honeymoons, composed of naughty parts, sites and bustier on body shaping, perfect to wear under a wedding dress mermaid style or one with a very tight corset.

These are some of sexiest lingerie for the bride advices. Following them each bride will have every chance to going crazy on “groom”, but before proceeding to shopping, there are few tips to have in mind:

  • Don’t buy the underwear before wedding dress. Swarovski crystals, lace or embroidered fabric could stand out in the event of a bust wedding dress made of a fine or transparent material. In this case, try a body as tight to eliminate the lines under the dress.
  • Choose comfort ahead of trends. That does not mean that underwear has not been provocative. Just choose the most comfortable pieces for the wedding day and change then with sensual lingerie for the wedding night. This could be also a very important moment of the wedding night, because will allows to perform a striptease.
  • Take the first sample of underwear at the wedding dress probe. That way will know best if sexy linen is the perfect one!