Sometimes the luckiest women in the world are brides!

In short, this year is wearing the jewelry applied linen, with elements that shine in the most beautiful day for the woman. It carries transparencies, loose, in bold colors, combining sophistication with sensuality and innocence with sexuality.

How do women choose the right lingerie for their wedding dress? Well, they have to take account of several criteria, but one is basic: underwear should be comfortable. Other criteria, as well as details about the trends of 2014 and advices for future brides will reveal in the following sentences.

1The sexy lingerie 2014 trendsĀ  are divided into three levels (soft, earthy and floral), where the wedding fashion linen perfectly combines with the trends this year in terms of wedding dress: in 2014 can find jeweled applied underwear: pearls, Swarovski crystals and even rhinestones, elements that provides shine in the most beautiful day for any woman. As dresses chapter, bride is wearing bold colors, the same bold style should be reflected this year for bridal lingerie, hot lingerie which has to combine sophistication with sensuality, innocence with sensuality (and should perhaps think Moulin Rouge if the bride will chose vintage underwear). The frills are another element that this year conquers the heart of the bridegroom, with airy linen, semi-transparent material, being a “must-have” of the bride for the wedding night. Another common style between wedding dresses and bridal lingerie vintage 2014’s style: delicate ecru and ivory color linen is ideal for a vintage outdoor wedding, completing in the perfect way the wedding dress.

Wedding day is the most beautiful in a woman's life, but also among the most tiring days, so underwear must meet essential criteria: must be comfortable, cozy, does not interfere, do not pick, do not stress and the safest is to choose an underwear manufacturer which already tested the wedding dress size, design, materials and especially cutting. And because in the wedding day the bride should feel beautiful and sexy, her underwear must give sensuality and confidence in her. If these key points are observed, that can move on to chapter design: for a low-cut dress and a less generous bust bride has to choose a push-up bra, for a dress with bare shoulders will choose strapless bras and for backless dress bra has to become “invisible”(any transparent rear belt and braces).

The bridal bra lingerie model considered is the classy model that meets many requirements of brides: is push-up is a transparent and removable strap, the cutting is comfortable, refined materials, and the band back is transparent (bra closing the face).

2For this year brides the designers are offering several models of luxury lingerie designed to give women comfort, wellbeing and self-esteem.

The bride’s bra is one of the most important elements of the sexy set outfit.

For example, the angel bra push-up focuses on the push-up element which is made with bioactive technology: silver ions fiber with antibacterial polymer that confers protection, highest quality materials and is also non -allergenic.

The Intenssimo push-up bra has straps of tulle and jewels which are applied and are recommend it to wear such push-up bra for a corset type wedding dress.

The Pearl focus push-up bra is a delicate and refined bra, ideal for romantic and dreamy brides.

The Malibu push-up bra type is a complete focus meant aficionados exquisite lace, push- up bra ideal for low-cut wedding dress, slip thong and garter belt.

The Caipirinha push-up bra focus on complete with push-up bra with detachable straps, thong and garter belt slip in ecru color, a refined and comfortable luxury linens.

And for the wedding night and honeymoon, underwear fashion designers make a bold recommendation that will spark the imagination of bride and groom with an obsessive and delicate baby doll made from translucent tulle with exciting cutouts in the upper body and playful ruffles at the bottom.

Any women could not miss the perfect enticing and sensual wedding underwear for wedding night. If women find that is ideal proposal for wedding night is classic attire, then the designers transformed into one of the most elegant bridal underwear gowns. Famous designers used in their presentations and have been tempted by the precious diamond jewelry because it's time to let women and men to be seduced by the most beautiful pieces of linens for the night wedding.

3Is still trendy and will forever be; the white sexy linen for a bride is seductive.

For the special moments in their life, brides should choose white lingerie pieces as a promise of eternal love. No need to be an idealist, but just have some intuition, inspiration and good taste when choosing special underwear for wedding. White linen is the most practical option to wear under wedding dress, being ethereal and seductive enough for the wedding night. Refinement parts white Chantilly lace, silk, tulle or satin, decorated with precious stones and crystal details gives an elegant look and challenging any figures.

The wedding shopping session is a special shopping one.

This time designers are suggesting choosing some perfect intimate underwear for the evening wedding with special accessories: lace cuffs and lace balconette bra with tulle. Any online stores have special collection dedicated to brides, from where is easy to choose the perfect sexy lingerie.

Another enticing accessory wardrobe which is suitable for the wedding night is garters. There are many models that are versatile because and it can be worn with tights spring or fall fine transparent in delicate dresses in light or white shades. If women are a fan of pieces of drawer’s linen, designers are recommending the silver, gray or white satin linen baby doll. For those who prefer natural materials, cotton is the best option. They can chose modern linen set because these kinds of models is put brides into value with their crystal hearts accessories separately applied to each piece. This is proof that a fairly common material such as cotton, if enriched inspired by precious crystals may be among options regarding wedding night lingerie, or any other magical evening.

This is the way in which in such magical night, a simple woman is transformed into a princess, not only seductive and sensual, but also full of eroticism and sex appeal.